Fascism and the Left

Feb 17, 2017 by

by Gavin Ashenden:

Both the left and the right are accusing each other of ‘fascism’, which means I suppose that the word is changing its meaning.

I rather resent this bifurcation into left and right. Many of us put our politics together from a palette of positions. You can be ecologically committed and worried about climate change without being convinced by the dogma attached to global warming interests. You can be in favour of state intervention in one area, and free market Darwinian economics in another.

But the real test of political allegiance for me has become the freedom of speech- or rather the threat to it. And the threat to it comes mainly from the political and cultural left.

So I have taken some delight in the travels and adventures of a half English/half Greek character called Milo Yiannopolous.  Milo has a mission in the world to puncture both political correctness (the comfort blanket of the Left) and the intellectual idolatry that goes with it. Why idolatry? Because people become enraged at his even questioning dogmatic assumptions that the cultural voices of our age have been pushing relentlessly for decades.

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