Former Trump adviser: Obama’s ‘aggressive LGBT agenda will be unhinged’ very soon

Apr 21, 2017 by

by Peter La Barbera, LifeSite:

Ken Blackwell, a former Trump transition adviser and nationally respected pro-family leader, told LifeSiteNews that he believes President Trump will issue a strong executive order to protect the religious liberty of Americans.

“My anticipation is that we will see an Executive Order and it will be more than window dressing,” said Blackwell, senior fellow for Human Rights and Constitutional Governance at the Family Research Council, in an April 11 phone interview.

He predicted that the Obama administration’s “aggressive LGBT agenda will be unhinged” under Trump, piece by piece, across governmental agencies.

“We have a great plan to attack the administrative state,” he said, adding that Obama saddled Trump with a vast, liberal “infrastructure that is trans-agency.”

“We will have to be very meticulous in how we dismantle it,” he told LifeSiteNews.

Part of that involves Trump issuing a pro-religious liberty executive order with teeth, Blackwell said, “just as we are doing to reduce the regulatory burdens imposed by the EPA [Environmental Protection Agency].“ Economic conservatives are applauding Trump for shrinking the EPA’s clout.

Freedom of conscience for federal workers took many hits under Obama, who created a cottage industry of sorts for Christian legal groups like First Liberty that defend citizens’ First Amendment religious liberty to live out their faith on the job free of government coercion. Many politically incorrect citizens working for the government, including military members, fell victim to pro-secular and pro-LGBT policies under Obama.

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