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Christians highlight key election issues: (newest at the top)

Christian Concern’s Election website – The Power of the Cross

Not in our name – find out how your candidate stands on abortion

Government is a necessary evil, and Christians must vote for the lesser one by Archbishop Cranmer

How should Christians decide whose political ideology is the correct ‘Biblical’ one? by Paul Bickley, Christian Today

Labour’s threat to faith schools by Leon Spence, Conservative Home

General Election 2017: The Parties and the Family. An assessment of proposed policies by each party. From The Family Education Trust

 Archbishop Welby: don’t be cynical about politicians, pray! By Andy Walton, Christian Today

Who Can I Vote For? – The Agony of Democracy in 21st Century Britain. – The Wee Flea, David Robertson

Bringing the good news of Jesus to the election, ‘The Power of the Cross’, from Christian Concern

 GE2017: A two-minute election message from Colin Hart, Christian Institute

More resources from The Christian Institute‘s Election Briefing

Brilliant Resources to help Christians engage with the General Election on 8 June, CMF

What kind of society? Election resources from Evangelical Alliance

Why as a Christian I am voting Liberal Democrat ….Conservative …. Labour   [three guest blog posts on Ian Paul’s ‘Psephizo’ site]

Where is the Church? The Responsibility of Christians in the UK General Election, Angus Ritchie, ABC Religion & Ethics

Stonewall’s election manifesto is an attack on humanity, Christian Concern

Barnabas Fund launches election Manifesto for the persecuted Church

Why the election matters: Parliamentarian as law-maker, by Andrea Williams, Christian Concern

How can we get involved in bringing God in Public to tomorrow’s world? by Tom Wright, SPCK



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