Encouragements and battles in the latest news

Jun 25, 2019 by

by Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream: A number of articles and books have recently demonstrated how the BBC – like many of our national institutions – is controlled by a liberal-leaning elite, and has moved away from its nominally Christian roots to promote a progressive worldview, while marginalising and despising orthodox Christianity. While this may largely be true, nevertheless from time to time excellent, encouraging material bucks the trend and gets through. For example, an...

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“We don’t do prosperity theology” – or do we?

Jun 18, 2019 by

By Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream. The handsome middle-aged preacher in the white suit paused dramatically, wiped his perspiring brow with a large linen handkerchief, and repeated again in a gravelly voice “praise the Lord!”. A chorus of Alleluias and Amens followed from the rapt audience. He continued: “now is the time to sow that seed of faith – the word says that whatever you give tonight, it will be multiplied in blessings and prosperity in your life. Thirty, sixty even a hundred...

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“RSE Schoolgate campaign” and website launched

Jun 16, 2019 by

From schoolgatecampaign.org: Under current sex education policy, we have seen the UK claim the prize for: • the highest number of teenage pregnancies in Europe • sexually transmitted infections in UK teenagers at epidemic levels (many incurable) • an alarming increase in child-on-child sexual assaults. Rather than dealing with any of these issues, the new Relationships and Sex Education (R(S)E) curriculum could be even more harmful for children. While we support the government’s resolve to end...

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Christianity and culture: balancing attack and defence

Jun 11, 2019 by

A review of ‘Plugged In’ by Daniel Strange, by Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream. In England the football season has ended; cricket is in full swing with the World Cup currently being contested; Wimbledon is just around the corner. These and other sports have many things in common, not least the need to balance defence and attack. Sport is a (theoretically) friendly imitation of more serious pursuits such as politics and war, and here again the same principle applies. In all cases,...

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Sex education protests

Jun 10, 2019 by

Recent news and comment on the long-running issue of the increasing promotion of LGBT ideology in schools following the Parliamentary vote to change the law on Relationships and Sex Education: Do parents in Birmingham have right to protest LGBT lessons at their children’s primary school? Christian Concern’s Tim Dieppe on Soundcloud Labour whip to rebuke MP who backed school protest in Birmingham, by Josh Halliday, Guardian Schools Minister [Nick Gibb]: primary schools should...

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Transgender latest

Jun 5, 2019 by

A list of articles posted in June, most recent at the top: Academic faces the sack for letter which criticised training on trans issues, by Sian Griffiths and Ewan Somerville, Sunday Times. The letter “registered disquiet over a programme run by the charity Stonewall in which ‘anti-scientific claims are presented . . . as objective fact’…”. Transgender trend’s response to the revelations about Mermaids in the Sunday Times “The revelation in the Sunday Times that...

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