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As some readers are still having difficulty with missing pages, new posts will be linked here. (Newest at the top).  Last week’s and earlier posts may be viewed here.

Bishop of Oxford’s St Ebbe’s Sermon Epitomizes Relational Dilemma for Reformed Anglicans by Julian Mann, VOL

Why Christians Object To Participating In A Same-Sex Wedding (It Isn’t Bigotry) by Jared Dobbs, The Federalist

Beware of Broken Wolves by Joe Carter, The Gospel Coalition

Sharia Creep Ever On the Rise by Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

Identity politics means some are more equal than others, TCW

Lefty Lunacy: Primary schools now built to a trans design, TCW

A ‘transgender’ kindergartner registered at my kids’ school. That’s when the madness began. LifeSite

Pro-life midwife ordered to do abortions or lose her job takes case to European human rights court, LifeSite

Europe in Eclipse? The Imaginative Conservative

The Golden Age of Phony, American Conservative

Of First Importance: The Priority of the Cross and the Empty Tomb by Albert Mohler

What does the Church need to do to approve same-sex marriage? by Ian Paul, Psephizo

Europe: Making Itself into the New Afghanistan?  Gatestone Institute

The New Black List, Crisis Magazine

So what if Tim Farron thinks homosexuality is a sin? by Brendan O’Neill, spiked

Calls to lower the abortion time limit because a third of babies born at 23 weeks now survive, Mailonline

Forgiveness: Muslims Moved as Coptic Christians Do the Unimaginable, Christianity Today

Former Trump adviser: Obama’s ‘aggressive LGBT agenda will be unhinged’ very soon, LifeSite

Fearing Dreher: Why the Benedict Option Scares Christians, The Imaginitive Conservative

College Students Claim Objective ‘Truth’ Is A Racist ‘Myth‘, Daily Wire

The World Health Organization Says Abortion is Family Planning, C-Fam

Election campaign day one: Tim Farron says he supports legal abortion, SPUC

Caroline Spelman says Brexit offers chance to resolve religious symbol ban ‘inconsistencies’, Premier

Harm, Neutrality, or Truth: What Is the Basis of Liberalism? Public Discourse

North Carolina Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Ban Same-Sex Marriage, NBC

British teenage girls are among the most miserable in the world, Mailonline

Why Mexicans are happier: More faith and less welfare! Mailonline (scroll down)

We call on the National Union of Teachers to withdraw its motion promoting LGBT+ issues to toddlers, petition

Songs of innocence, and harmful experience, Voice for Justice UK

UK: War on Free Speech at the National Union of Students by Douglas Murray, Gatestone Institute

Why Are So Many Lesbians Getting Pregnant? Public Discourse

The Relevance of the Resurrection– Canon Phil Ashey, AAC

Lib Dem leader Tim Farron won’t say if he thinks being gay is a sin, Mirror

The Hottest Thing at Church Is Not Your Pastor or Worship Leader, Christianity Today

Equality Oath would be ‘slap in the face’ for Christians – Christian Institute

Church of Scotland signals openness to gay weddings but seeks ‘mutual flourishing’ with conservatives – Christian Today

Church of Scotland: Theological Forum Report on human sexuality published

The Alliance of Radical Feminists and Christian Conservatives-on Gender Laws, CogWatch

Dutch euthanasia deaths jumped another 10% last year, LifeSite

Muslim parents are turning to Jesus after seeing their children embrace Christianity, Christian Post

Easter meaning. C of E training. The faithful are deciding. Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream

Michael Gove sugar-coats Jesus and preaches fake good news by Gavin Ashenden, Cranmer

Social worker criticised after saying christening a baby would ‘hinder chance of adoption’, Telegraph

Give nursery children lessons about same-sex relationships, say teachers, Mailonline

Protecting Religious Liberty Safeguards All Children on the Playground Equally, Public Discourse

The Rhetorical Trap at the Heart of the “Neurosexism” Debate,  Quillette

Our politicians are more devout than ever – so it’s time we started taking their faith seriously, Telegraph

Melanie McDonagh: If you want to save the CofE, then get stuck in (and go to church), Spectator

Kirk in landmark apology over ‘long history’ of gay discrimination, Herald Scotland

What the Resurrection means and why it matters by Martin Davie

Buried Archbishops “found by accident”? The CofE’s forgetfulness is galling by Archbishop Cranmer

Egypt’s Copts Hold Easter Services Amid Threats of Terror, Christian Post

After Easter: The Political Theology of the Crucifixion and Resurrection of the Messiah, Public Discourse

May’s Easter message. Most people don’t go to church. But they want a Christian country. by Rebecca Coulson, Conservative Home

Saying No To “Safe Schools” Indoctrination Programs by Bill Muehlenberg

This Easter, have faith in the British way of life, Telegraph Editorial

Beauty and the Beast’s Obeisance to the Big Gay Machine by Jennifer Roback Morse, Crisis Magazine

A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in Britain: March 2017, Gatestone Institute

Truth and freedom by Brendan O’Neill, spiked

Christ’s conquest of death sets us free, TCW

Builders accidentally discover the hidden tombs of five former archbishops of Canterbury while carrying out a museum refurbishment, Mailonline

Theresa May’s Easter Message, Conservative Home

Fern Britton’s Holy Land Journey, BBC iPlayer (available for 28 days)

Easter is a time of suffering but also a time of great hope as Christians overcome persecution by George Carey, The Sun

The Resurrection Difference, Crisis Magazine

This Joyful Eastertide – Choir of King’s College, Cambridge

Until we all bow the knee on same-sex marriage, Catholic Weekly

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