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As some readers are still having difficulty with missing pages, new posts will be linked here. (Newest at the top).  Last week’s and earlier posts may be viewed here.

Islamic Ideology Flourishes Because Christians Deny Biblical Orthodoxy, Pastor warns, Christian Post

“Order! Order!”: Reflections on The Jesmond Consecration, Andrew Goddard, Fulcrum

Anglican Unscripted #287 – Revolt! in CofE with Kevin Kallsen and Gavin Ashenden

Church of England schism: a timely new reformation or tit-for-tat boundary pushing? Archbishop Cranmer

Christian Institute News

Labour’s 2017 manifesto: What does it say about religion?  Christian Today

Europe: Denying the Threat of Islamic Imperialism, Gatestone Institute

The Jesmond Consecration, ACL Sydney

UN council attacks Poland for its strong pro-life record, LifeSite

Cuba holds first transgender mass, Mailonline

Why now? The deeply strange timing of the renegade conservative Anglicans, Christian Today

Doctors and social workers need to stop condoning sex with children by Norman Wells, TCW

Professionals’ attitude to underage sex ‘fuels CSE’, charity claims, Children and Young People Now

The Case for Idolatry: Why Christians Can Worship Idols by Andrew Wilson, The Gospel Coalition

The Christian Bridge Too Far, Rod Dreher

New Study Exposes Massive Transgender Myth Many Believe, Charisma News

The Left is forcing Christians out of colleges. That’s actually good news for conservatives, R Lopez, LifeSite

We can defeat the LGBT juggernaut if we fight hard enough. Here’s proof. MassResistance

Could the Anglican Church’s stance on same sex relationships lead to a schism?  IB Times

Anglican head backs Trump’s Israeli-Palestinian peace effort, Mailonline

This latest Church of England schism has an unexpected source, Guardian

Blueprint for Church schism revealed as conservative Christian leaders plot separate Anglican structure, Christian Today

Gay teens make up 92 percent of HIV cases in their age group, LifeSite

Rogue conservative bishop appointed in rebellion at Church of England liberal drift, parish confirms, Christian Today

JPC Press Statement – New Style English Bishop

CofE responds after priest made bishop by breakaway group, Premier

Critique of the Archbishops’ Election Letter, Alan Storkey

Religious Liberty and the Common Good, Public Discourse

Rebutting the Transgender Myths: Walt Heyer by Bill Muehlenberg

How should Christians vote? by Ian Paul, Psephizo

CANA Bishop Says No to Women Priests at Diocesan Convention, VOL

Bathrooms are just the beginning: a scary look into the trans movement’s end goals, LifeSite

The Big Lie of Transgender Ideology, Crisis Magazine

Social services turn a blind eye to underage sex, Mailonline

Medical and Mental Health Professionals File Groundbreaking Joint Complaint Against Gay Activists with the Federal Trade Commission, Voice of the Voiceless

Transgender Agenda Fail, Daily Wire

The ‘gay cake’ row explodes back into life, Mailonline

Archbishop of York criticises media over Tim Farron gay sex row, Politics Home

Child, five, referred to clinic over transgender feelings, BBC

Report: Almost Half of Germans Agree With Israel-Centric Anti-Semitism, Breitbart

Civilisation sleeps while a Christian Holocaust takes shape, TCW

Stephen Fry investigated by Irish police for alleged blasphemy, Guardian

When the Benedict Option Is the Only Option, Dwight Longenecker

BBC Radio Sheffield 60-second sermon: in a free society Christians should not be inhibited from expressing their biblical convictions, Julian Mann


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