Teen Vogue wants to teach your kids ‘the right way’ to have anal sex

Jul 14, 2017 by

by Doug Mainwaring, LifeSite:

Commentator Matt Walsh delivered a searing response to Teen Vogue’s recent story headlined “A Guide to Anal Sex; How to do it the RIGHT way.”

Walsh points out that the article begins with a moral “Come on, everyone is doing it” defense of anal sex before launching into its “how-to” guide for teen sodomy.

“[The] Left wants nothing more than to turn your child into a sexual deviant. This is the primary goal of modern leftism,” says Walsh. “Nothing matters more to them than converting your child into the religion of self-indulgence. After all, it may be too late to mold you into a desperate, lonely, sex-obsessed freak, but your daughter? Well, she’s ripe for the picking.”

Walsh views leftist-controlled media to be the modern incarnation of the creepy trench-coated predators of years past. “These predators generally have two justifications they trot out whenever anyone has the audacity to get mad at them for promoting deviancy and fetishism to kids. I heard both yesterday when I complained on Twitter about the sodomy edition of Teen Vogue:

  1. “Kids are going to be doing [whatever debauched activity — anal sex in this case] anyway, so they may as well learn how to do it safely!”

  2. “It’s none of your business! Go away and let us foist our disgusting, idiotic sexual views on your children!”

Yes, the left wants to take full charge of your children, and parental interference only gets in the way. But protective parental guidance is what kids need most. Without it, the world seizes control of children. Walsh says, “The left only succeeds in its relentless efforts to corrupt our children because many parents, tasked by God with protecting their kids’ souls, are not willing to do the job.”

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