What are we teaching the children? Education Conference 2017

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Venue: The Emmanuel Centre
Date: Saturday, 25 March
Time: 10am – 5pm Registration from 9.15
Cost: £37.06 Standard Ticket (Earlybird and Discounted tickets available)


Over the last years the UK has been witness to unprecedented cultural, social and political change as result of changing attitudes towards sexuality and gender, and the combined but often conflicting pressures of secularism and multiculturalism.

Education has reflected this shift, with the teaching of many once traditional values increasingly proscribed by law. But the policy of giving ever more information without any kind of moral frame has been a spectacular failure, and with the disintegration of what are now branded repressive values, we face a growing crisis that affects the physical, mental and emotional welfare of our young.

Epidemic level STIs among teenagers; Teen pregnancy and abortion; Porn addiction; Unprecedented rates of mental illness; Inability to form and sustain relationships … the list goes on and on!


Following the launch or our latest book, What are they teaching the children?, our conference will explore the latest developments and challenges in educational policy and practice today.

Topics covered will include:

  • What is ‘education’? What, how and why do we teach our young?
  • How has education evolved in different societies, and what are the implications for us today?
  • What is the role of the family in education?
  • How does current education policy fit with the basic human rights of freedom of conscience, belief, and speech?
  • How is education being subjected to ideological pressure?
  • Detailed analysis of the impact of SRE (Sex and Relationship Education) and so-called ‘inclusivity’ on children and young people.
  • CHIPS – education or indoctrination?
  • Should daily worship in schools be mandatory, optional … or abolished?

Does it have to be like this?
Come to our conference on Saturday, 25 March, and find out what you can do to defend our heritage and protect the nation’s children.


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