When will we wake up to the fact that sex education doesn’t cut teen pregnancies – it causes them?

May 31, 2017 by

By Jill Kirby, MailOnline.

The more you tell teenagers about sex, the more sex they will have. And the more unwanted pregnancies will result.

You might have thought that was obvious. But, for decades, the liberal establishment has thought the exact opposite. Tell teenagers about the perils of unprotected sex, and they’ll have less of it — or so their ill-judged thinking has gone.

Well, now an academic study has shown quite how misguided those progressive thoughts were.

David Paton, of the Nottingham University Business School, and Liam Wright, of the University of Sheffield, have discovered that teenage pregnancies have actually declined in those areas where councils have cut their budgets for sex education programmes aggressively.

In the Journal of Health Economics, the two academics came to the conclusion that ‘spending on projects relating to teenage pregnancy may be counterproductive’.

In other words, where the Government has tried to educate teenagers about sex in an attempt to discourage it, the exact opposite has been achieved.

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