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Review of BBC 2 programme “Reformation: Europe’s Holy War” with David Starkey by J S J Marshall

CELEBRATING THE 500th ANNIVERSARY OF THE REFORMATION by Julian Mann, Church of the Ascension, Oughtibridge

Reformation 500: we are all Protestants now and Reformation 500: Archbishop of Canterbury preaches Eeyore and Tigger, Archbishop Cranmer

Archbishop of Canterbury’s sermon at Reformation 500th anniversary service

Lots of good resources on The Gospel Coalition website

Archbishop to mark agreement with Catholic and Lutheran churches on 500th anniversary of the Reformation, from C of E website [see Westminster Abbey service at the bottom of this list].

500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, Museum of the Bible

Reformation 500: with the “fundamentalism, terror and religious violence” should we really celebrate? By David Robertson, Christian Today

500 years after the Reformation, everything you thought you knew about it is wrong by Peter Stanford, Telegraph [£]

Luther and the English church: 500 years of influence by Andre Forget, Anglican Journal

Medieval Teenager: How the Reformation saved my life, by Glenn Scrivener, Premier

Reformation books, by Andrew Cinnamond, Church Society

How the Reformers rediscovered the Holy Spirit and true conversion, by Sinclair Ferguson, 9Marks

How has the Reformation changed society? By Sarah Williams, Idea

Reformation 500: downloadable magazine featuring several articles, from Church Society

Statements, confessions, “Here-I-stand”s: what do they achieve? By Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream

The English Reformation and the Puritans. Christian Insititute. Trailer for 12 part series by Dr Michael Reeves on the history and theology of the Reformation.

Reformation Anglicanism – a vision for today’s communion. Book review by Chris Sugden, CEN

500 years on – does the Reformation still matter? By Peter Jensen, GAFCON

Westminster Abbey and the Council of Lutheran Churches to mark 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Tuesday 31st October 2017. Abbey Service at 12 noon, Symposium 2.30pm [Editor’s note: But this article (from 2010) says that the Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification which the C of E will be celebrating along with Roman Catholic and Lutheran representatives, is “A betrayal of the Gospel”.]

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