2017 was the year that the madness of transgenderism finally took over

Dec 21, 2017 by

by Leo McKinstry, Daily Express:

YESTERDAY it was revealed that nearly 5,000 Church of England primary schools are to be supplied with forms that will allow teachers and pupils to report incidents of “trans bullying”.

The initiative, claims the Church, is to ensure that all schools tackle “discriminatory behaviour”, though it is doubtful if many pupils were even aware of the concept of transition until the recent institutionalised obsession with the subject.

This latest exercise in politically correct posturing follows news earlier this week that vocal pressure group Action for Trans Health is demanding the abolition of legal gender for everyone: an end to birth certificates and the provision of free sex-change hormones and puberty blockers.

Parts of this radical agenda might well be implemented for Action for Trans Health has already had a significant influence on government policy. The organisation has not only trained hundreds of NHS staff but also played a central role in the 2016 Parliamentary inquiry into gender recognition reforms.

The fact that such a demented fringe group is given official attention illustrates the dangerous stranglehold that the trans lobby has on our public life. We are living in an age of extremism where all common sense has been inverted and a tiny group of revolutionaries can dictate the social agenda.

Instead of standing up to this insanity our civic leaders have surrendered. This year has been the year of transgender madness.

The signs of moral collapse are all around us, as graphically demonstrated by the recent NHS survey in Lancashire that asked 10-year-olds whether they feel “comfortable in their gender”. In the same vein, the Government recently pledged to press ahead with plans to let people officially change their gender without medical checks.

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