2018 Editorial Blogs

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2018 has seen further evidence of a revisionist trajectory in the Church of England, but mission is still continuing at local level. Gafcon and the vision of global orthodox Anglicanism continues to provide hope and security. Anglican Mainstream intends to continue to provide regular news and comment on the critical issues facing the church in 2019.

Selection of Editorial Blog Posts 2018, by Andrew Symes


C of E and the debates on sexuality and marriage

Synod debates about liturgy open up new questions of truth and religious freedom

Humanism, the collapse of faith and the need for new methods of apologetics

When public opposition is necessary

Fluid families good, nuclear families bad?

C of E: Rainbow revolution progresses as Bishop of Taunton announced as celebrant at Cathedral LGBT Eucharist

Diocese of Oxford: a case study in radical inclusion

Sex and the new generation: education and the gospel in a secular society

The secular, postmodern re-shaping of church and society

More rubicons crossed, more anxiety about the future

Also: Anglicans and Transgender A series of reflections from 2015-2018


Church of England and mission

Society’s dystopian trends and the church’s response

University missions provide signs of hope amid Anglican decline

A house divided

The C of E: money for mission, but what about method and message?

Did we witness social action/evangelism ‘holy grail’ on BBC documentary?

A pastoral fantasy – or could it happen?


Gafcon and global orthodox Anglicanism

Evangelicals, differentiation and the global church

Unstable C of E shows need for Gafcon vision

Authentic Anglicanism: global with boundaries, or ‘inclusive’ and Western?

Gafcon’s “Letter to the Churches” encapsulates authentic Christianity with clarity, firmness and grace

Faint praise for Gafcon offers no solutions for the C of E or the Communion

The visit of Archbishop Foley Beach: ACNA, Gafcon and lessons for the UK church


Miscellaneous topics

Understanding more about Israel

Strong, clear Christian witness at March for Life

Can we learn from ancient prayer books?

Evaluating the new influential philosophers

Brexit – now what?

Herald-angels, other spiritual beings, and the church


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