A bridge too far at the Gay Pride hospital

Jun 9, 2023 by

by Janice Davis, TCW:

JONATHAN Lofthouse is working hard to improve NHS services for the sick and injured. He is Site Chief Executive of the Princess Royal University Hospital (PRUH) in Orpington which has just opened a bridge between two buildings painted with a giant ‘intersex-inclusive flag’.

Mr Lofthouse said the King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, which runs the hospital, had ‘adorned the exterior of the link bridge with the Pride Flag, a permanent installation celebrating diversity’, adding: ‘We’re celebrating permanently.’ 

Professor Clive Kay, the Trust’s CEO, said: ‘The new bridge is part of our work to make sure patients and visitors have the best experience possible when they visit us. We were also delighted to be able to feature the Intersex-Inclusive flag as part of its design. In the year that the NHS celebrates its 75th anniversary, the flag’s inclusion in the building’s design is a creative and visible way of communicating our commitment as an organisation to equality, diversity and inclusion, which is a vital part of the care we provide.’

This follows the example of a nearby care home in Orpington, where a celebration was held for the residents to mark their first LGBTQAI + Pride event. A rainbow-themed party was organised with two local drag queens – ‘the fabulous duo, Anita Wee and Delilah Tickles’, complete with balloons and Pride flags. All this in a home which provides residential, nursing, respite and dementia care for the elderly.


The big question is: what has all this to do with taxpayer-funded health provision? This activism has moved way beyond recognising legitimate gay rights, or indeed the community’s health issues,and for many is a ‘celebration’ far too far. For once, Health Secretary Steve Barclay is thinking rationally. Saying it has nothing at all to do with the NHS, he has slammed the installation as a virtue-signalling vanity project. But will he act to stop further examples? His government promises to ‘invest’ an extra £6.6billion in the NHS over the next two years, but how much is to be frittered away in this and other diversity genuflecting? What taxpayers want is their cash being used to cut waiting lists.

What chance? The NHS is not the only national institution subjecting us to this social washing that has overtaken the corporate and business world. The Pride lobby are fully entrenched in the education sector, even in primary schools, and regularly indulges in what Mr Barclay calls virtue signalling, which in reality is the subversive indoctrination (if not abuse)  of children

The Pride lobby should have no business taking over public spaces with their explicit in-your-face bullying. The PRUH in Orpington is constantly visited by children and families, the elderly, and patients from many different faiths; for many, perhaps even most, of whom such a display is both inappropriate and offensive.

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