A Trans Archdeacon Who Teaches that God is a Witch and Jesus is a Woman? Say Hello to the Modern Church of England

May 14, 2024 by

by Steven Tucker, The Daily Sceptic:

Leaked documents last week revealed how Winchester Cathedral apparently now plans to remodify its choral foundation in line with its new-found main priorities not of worshipping God, but of instead increasing “reach and access” and “diversity and inclusion”. It turns out the only sins Christ truly died on his cross to redeem were those of white, Western, cisheteronormativity. Cathedral authorities hope to achieve this holy aim by replacing the current choristers with a “variety of singers from other parts of the regional demographic”. Goodbye plainsong, hello nasheeds?

At least Winchester didn’t go as far as Sheffield Cathedral, which in 2020 decided to disband its choir entirely, the better to serve its “mixed urban community”. In the twisted world of DEI, rather than have an unacceptably white choir, far better to have no choir at all. (At least temporarily – Sheffield does seem to have a choir of some sort now, no doubt doing a nice line in raps like this: just wait until you see what the elderly white pastor in question innocently rhymes ‘bigger’ with when describing Jesus’s own admirably racially diverse urban status.)

According to a statement subsequently released by Winchester Cathedral once its leaked plan started getting criticism in the newspapers, what was really meant by increasing “diversity and inclusion” here was actually just spending more money on their girls’ choir, whilst simultaneously maintaining current funding levels for their boys’ one.  Having said that, “for the wellbeing and protection of all our clergy and staff, it is Cathedral policy not to comment on confidential HR matters”, added the press release, so who knows?

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