‘Allahu Akbar’ defined the local elections

May 7, 2024 by

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Vice-Chancellors Wrapped in Shame and Keffiyehs by Mervyn Bendle, Quadrant

The British dream is crumbling, replaced by a nightmare of sectarian division by Allister Heath, Telegraph

Islamist groups should not be dictating terms in this country by Allison Pearson, Telegraph

Communitarianism hits the ballot box by Sam Bidwell, Artillery Row

Starmer should think twice before listening to ‘The Muslim Vote’ by Hardeep Singh, Spectator

Islam Demands: Labour Will Comply by Frank Haviland, The New Conservative

I exposed new councillor’s tirade against rabbi, but when I warned the Greens they just ignored it – Guy Adams, Daily Mail

They’re the darlings of the liberal middle classes, but from trans rights to Gaza the Greens are forging alliances that should trouble us all – Professor Matthew Godwin, Daily Mail

Jewish leaders demand newly-elected Green councillor who hailed election as a ‘win for Gaza’ and shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ is suspended – as party officials launch probe after he claimed Palestinians had a right to ‘fight back’ in wake of Hamas attacks by Greg Heffer and James Tozer, Daily Mail

We will not stand by as Jewish students suffer by Gillian Keegan, Telegraph

Muslim vote group issues demands to Starmer by Fiona Hamilton, The Times

Labour would be unwise to appease Muslim activists by Charles Moore, Telegraph

The poison of Islamic sectarianism by Fraser Myers, spiked

Green Party investigates councillor who shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ after election and said Palestinians should ‘fight back’ by Christian Oliver, LBC

Communitarianism hits the ballot box by Sam Bidwell, Artillery Row

A yell of ‘Allahu Akbar’ defined the local elections. Our democracy will break apart if the sectarian voting it embodies takes hold in Britain by Dan Hannan, Daily Mail

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