African Christians in the UK: a ‘new movement of post-colonial missionaries’

Oct 4, 2021 by

from Christian Today:

Dr Harvey Kwiyani, a theologian and missiologist from Malawi, East Africa, is set to lead a freshly launched Master’s degree programme at Church Mission Society (CMS) that will focus on the “new movement of post-colonial missionaries” formed by African Christians in the UK.

“I grew up in Africa, so I know what an empowered African church can do,” says Dr Kwiyani, programme lead for the new MA in Theology, Mission and Ministry with a focus on the African Christian Diaspora.

CMS director of mission education, Jonny Baker, hopes it’s just the beginning as plans are already afoot for similar programmes of study looking at other regions.

“We’re really excited about this new programme of study and the mix of students it will bring. We hope and expect that it will change us, as well as equip a wider range of students for pioneering mission,” he said.

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