African Primates Take the Gloves off in Fight with Welby over Homosexuality and other Issues

Jul 6, 2022 by

by David Virtue, VOL:

They spare no quarter in criticism of the Anglican Communion leader.
They will not be attending the next Lambeth Conference.

Future historians will marvel at how two percent of Anglicans managed to persuade the other 98 percent that they must change their minds about the clear teaching of Scripture on human sexual behavior even though the book they claim to believe in (the Bible) gave them no such mandate to do so.

The combination of cultural Marxism (theological liberalism) combined with the ideology of Gramsci and the Frankfurt School to alter modes of thinking and behavior of the masses have not persuaded the three biblically grounded orthodox archbishops to change their minds; “We will not join multitudes or dine with you against scriptural principles,” they said. Strong language indeed.

The Primates of the Churches of Nigeria, Rwanda and Uganda responded to the Archbishop of Canterbury’s letter dated 27th May, 2022 where he urged and cajoled the three Primates to attend the forthcoming Lambeth Conference.

We are three weeks away from Lambeth and despite pleas from Archbishop Justin Welby and Dr. Josiah Fearon, Secretary General of the Anglican Communion, the recalcitrant primates have not changed their minds; the answer is still Nyet.

Archbishop Henry Ndukuba of Nigeria, Archbishop Laurent Mbanda and Archbishop Stephen Kaziimba in a letter jointly signed, noted that they will not ‘join the multitudes to do evil’. They emphasized that right from the earliest Council in Acts 15, and other instances from the Epistles where there were reports of lifestyle in direct opposition to Scripture, there was no place where Christians were enjoined to continue to fellowship with the disobedient members of the Church.

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