After Brexit Day, time to put our spiritual house in order

Feb 2, 2020 by

by Peter Simpson, The Conservative Woman:

YES, Brexit Day was indeed worth observing in some way or other. As a Christian minister I observed it by standing outside the Houses of Parliament to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Brexit has never been just about politics: it is primarily a spiritual issue. In whom are we trusting as a nation for our security and prosperity? How we must be mindful of the Biblical warning, ‘Put not your trust in princes’ (Psalm 146:3). Yet that is exactly what the UK tried to do when it joined the European Union in 1973. The modern-day princes who constitute the power of Brussels were resorted to as a means of trust and hope for a God-rejecting nation which in the early ’70s was in grave economic turmoil.

[…]  However, I want to emphasise that there are even deeper problems for the nation post-Brexit than the deficiencies in the Withdrawal Agreement. These deeper issues are to do with the nation’s spiritual condition. Brexit alone cannot deal with them. The nation is in an abject spiritual mess, so serious as to be bordering on the disastrous.

This is why I and another pastor were in Westminster on Friday to proclaim the vital need to improve the gracious providence of independence from the EU by means of a national humbling and contrition before the Trinitarian God, who alone ordains the affairs of the nations.

Britain has been engaged in decades of profound rebellion against the teachings of the Christian Scriptures. Therefore, particular emphasis was laid in the preaching outside Parliament on Friday upon some of the prevailing sins of our day, including knife crime, abortion, marriage redefinition, ignoring the Lord’s Day and promoting the LGBT agenda in our schools.

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