America Is Full Of Deviants. Maybe We Really Shouldn’t Have Tossed Out Sexual Morality

Nov 11, 2017 by

by Matt Walsh, Daily Wire:

Hollywood, D.C., academia. Chock full of perverts, it seems. We can’t forget the church, of course. And not just the Catholic Church. Protestants have a sex abuse problem as bad or worse…

[…] This stuff is everywhere. It really can’t be broken down on political, or religious, or even gender grounds. Men seem more likely to be the abuser, but the problem is not exclusive to them…

[…] Any attempt to place the blame on one particular group falls apart. The crisis it too widespread. It encompasses too many different types of people. It has leaked into too many corners of our society.

[…] It appears that there’s a serious problem with our culture as a whole. Of course, the first problem with our culture is the same with every culture: we are a fallen and sinful species. But our fallen and sinful nature seems to be manifesting itself more and more in the form of degeneracy and sexual predation. Why?

Well, perhaps we should consider the possibility that the Sexual Revolution was a catastrophic failure. It probably is not a coincidence that the vanguards of the revolution — Hollywood and academia — harbor the highest level of deviants. It also is probably not a coincidence that the male-on-male rape epidemic in the Church began in the ’60’s, precisely when the leadership of the Church, especially in the United States, decided to adopt a more enlightened and culturally acceptable view of sexuality…

[…] Maybe we ought to consider adopting again some semblance of sexual morality in our culture. Maybe it was not such a stellar idea to throw out every ethical rule governing sexual activity. Maybe we should think about reevaluating other things, too, like:

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