An Analysis of the Mermaids Press Statement

May 28, 2019 by

from Transgender Trend:

The charity Mermaids released a press statement on Saturday ahead of an article published in the Mail on Sunday which revealed details of a Mermaids school training session. The report concerned a governor of the Church of England school, the Reverend John Parker, who was moved to resign after his reasonable questions about the law and biology were dismissed out of hand by the Mermaids trainer. He later expressed his fear that children were being ‘sacrificed on the altar of trans ideology.’

The Mermaids press statement can be viewed here. It includes this statement:

“all of the scientific and legal information we offer is publicly available and well-tested”

We decided to test Mermaids’ scientific and legal claims against this publicly available information. Their statement is split into two subjects “Legals” and “Science” so we have done the same. We are told that

” Mermaids is constantly reviewing scientific literature and research”

So this should be an interesting and challenging exercise. We will address their claims point-by-point.

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