Anglican diversity and unity

Feb 6, 2023 by

Gafcon gb & europe Newsletter editorial:

A frequently heard testimony from many white, Western Anglicans attending previous global Gafcon gatherings, is a discovery for the first time of a rich diversity of cultural expression within a shared unity based on a biblical world view and agreed understanding of the gospel. As our local churches become more racially diverse, most of us are learning to appreciate new ways of worshipping and hospitality, and new insights into the bible, from those who previously would not have been considered part of our ‘tribe’.

Gafcon seeks to encourage as much unity among Christians as possible, especially within the global Anglican family, given maximum diversity within biblical boundaries.

On the other hand, when there is no longer a possibility of unity, because one group is for example consistently denying clear biblical truth, Gafcon stands with those who sadly see the necessity of a visible  break in fellowship, and rejection of the spiritual authority of heretical leadership.

There are three clauses in the Jerusalem Declaration which explain this concept of unity in diversity, which uses differentiation if necessary to preserve authentic faith:

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