Archbishop links death rate to racism

Jun 5, 2020 by

by Maddy Fry, Church Times:

“THE endemic and long-standing racism” in society is one of the reasons for the disproportionately higher death-rate among Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) from the Covid-19 virus, the Archbishop of Canterbury has said.

He was speaking on Tuesday, when the Government-commissioned report Disparities in the Risk and Outcomes of Covid-19 was published by Public Health England (PHE). The report says that members of BAME communities, as well as the elderly and those who live in the most deprived areas, have suffered most from the coronavirus.

In a video posted on social media, Archbishop Welby said: “The black and ethnic- minority communities here in this country, in the United States, and in many other places have been hit terribly by Covid, disproportionately.

“There are many reasons for that; we don’t understand them all. They may be linked to things around housing, around who knows what, at the moment. But underlying what is happening is certainly, as a cause, as a root of what is happening, the endemic and longstanding racism, white supremacy that has affected so tragically the societies in this country and in the United States.”

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