Archbishop of Canterbury on collision course with US evangelicals

Nov 27, 2017 by

by Harry Farley, Christian Today:

The Archbishop of Canterbury is on a collision course with his evangelical counterparts in America this morning after saying he could not comprehend how Christians could vote for Donald Trump.

Justin Welby said he ‘really genuinely’ can’t understand how so many believers backed the US President, who was swept to office partly thanks to support from 81 per cent of white evangelicals.

‘There’s two things going through my mind: do I say what I think, or do I say what I should say? And I’m going to say what I think,’ he said, appearing to deliberate in an interview for ITV’s Peston programme on Sunday morning. ‘No, I don’t understand it. I really genuinely do not understand where that is coming from.’

Welby went on to say he had met many people worse than the US President and clarified he would attend a royal banquet if Trump came to the UK on an official state visit.

‘I spent years and years involved in conflict stuff around the world where I met people who had killed many, many people,’ he told ITV.

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