At DOJ, a Brief Encounter with LGBT Outrage

Jun 15, 2021 by

by Tony Perkins, FRC:

It’s Flag Day, and we all know which one the Biden administration is flying. This president has pledged his allegiance to the LGBT cause so completely that he can’t even give religious freedom a passing nod without being skinned alive by the radical Left. Last week, when the Justice Department even hinted at defending the constitutional rights of Christian colleges, the fringe wing of the party blew a gasket. The DOJ is “aligning itself with anti-LGBTQ hate,” they cried. Actually, the Justice Department was just doing its job. But they won’t be doing it long, if outside extremists get their way.

In normal days (which these are not), the government wouldn’t have thought twice about filing a brief in this case. At its core, it’s about stripping Christian universities of their federal aid if they refuse to renounce their core beliefs on gender and sexuality. There was a time, not too long ago, when people on both sides of the aisle would have agreed that the whole idea was unconstitutional on its face. But times — and presidents — have changed, and now, even the slightest nod in the First Amendment’s way is considered a violent betrayal by LGBT activists. Even in instances like this lawsuit that is aggressively trying to tear down a religious exemption that’s existed (at least in principle) since the founding of this nation.

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