Australia gay marriage vote: MPs who oppose same-sex marriage told to pretend to support changing the law in public.

Oct 2, 2017 by

by Claire Bickers,

GAY marriage opponents within the federal Labor party have been told to pretend to support changing the law in public.

The Australian Labor Party has been accused of bullying tactics to silence members opposed to gay marriage following reports that Tasmanian senator Helen Polley was pressured into publicly changing her stance.

Senator Polley, a Catholic and a ‘no’ voter, has told The Australian senior members of the party told her that her views could cost Labor votes at the next federal election.

Another Labor MP who wanted to remain anonymous has also told the publication they had faced pressure to publicly support gay marriage despite their private views.

Leading No vote campaigner Lyle Shelton and One Nation leader Pauline Hanson have slammed the party for silencing its members on the issue.

“It doesn’t surprise me,” Senator Hanson told Channel Seven’s Sunrise program. “It is the typical Labor Party bullying that goes on.

“Everyone has a right on the floor of Parliament to speak up and should represent the people.”

Mr Shelton, who represents the Coalition for Marriage, told 2GB radio there were more Labor MPs who opposed gay marriage that were too scared to speak out.

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