Children need protecting from the transgender agenda, symposium is told

May 17, 2018 by

Church of England Newspaper May 18 The real area in which young children need safeguarding is from the false ideology of the Transgender agenda. That was the message at the launch of “The New Normal – the Transgender Agenda”( Wilberforce Publications) in central London. To mark the launch a...

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OFSTED and BBC warned over their attitude to religion

May 9, 2018 by

Church of England Newspaper May 11 People need to be wary of the uniform, unsympathetic and religiously semi-literate approach of OFSTED as it extends its powers to cover issues of gender which raises issues of freedom of expression and religious conscience. The BBC needs to refocus its...

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Bishop happy “to be a useful idiot for Christ”

May 3, 2018 by

Church of England Newspaper May 4 Bishop Michael Langrish, the former Bishop of Exeter, was part of a group who visited Syria over the period of the Allied Bombings of chemical weapon installations. The Daily Mail called the group “Useful Idiots”. He spoke of his visit with Chris Sugden. CS  Given...

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New website plans to return powers to the parents of nation’s schoolchildren

Apr 26, 2018 by

Church of England Newspaper April 26th LAWS AND policies pursued by successive government have been undermining the family, a leading politician has claimed. Sir Jeffrey Donaldson, Chair of the Lords and Commons Child and Family Protection Group, made his comments at the launch of ParentPower, a...

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Bishop George Bell investigation dropped by Sussex Police

Apr 23, 2018 by

Olivia Rudgard, Daily Telegraph religious affairs correspondent   22 APRIL 2018 • 6:26PM A police investigation into former bishop of Chichester George Bell has been dropped amid criticism of the Archbishop of Canterbury for smearing his name. Sussex Police told the Daily Telegraph that they were...

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If you’re maligning traditional Christianity, the people you’re maligning are disproportionately black.

Apr 22, 2018 by

A 2015 Pew Research Center study of race and ethnicity among U.S. religions provides some basic facts. In the first place, if you’re mocking Christians, you’re mostly mocking women, because women are more likely than men to be Christians. The greatest disproportion is found among black Christians,...

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