‘Please leave’: why the Sydney archbishop’s same-sex marriage message has Anglicans rattled

Oct 20, 2019 by

The blunt words of Sydney archbishop Glenn Davies come at a critical moment for Australian churches and demands for religious freedom. By Andrew West, Guardian: For a man renowned for his civility, the language was blunt. During his annual speech to the Anglican Church’s Sydney synod, Archbishop Glenn Davies told supporters of same-sex marriage to “please leave us”. “My own view is that if people wish to change the doctrine of our church, they should start a new church or join a church more...

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REACH Bishop consecrated for Namibia

Oct 8, 2019 by

On the 6th October 2019, Rev. Lukas Kaluwapa Katenda was ordained as the Second Bishop of the Reformed Evangelical Anglican Church (REACH) in Namibia. He was consecrated by Bishops Glenn Lyons (Presiding Bishop), Njabulo Mazibuko (Area Bishop of KwaZulu-Natal) and Alan Noble (Area Bishop of Western Cape and Free State). Joyous celebrations and congratulations from all over the country marked the day. It was also a significant event in defining the relationship of the Anglican Church in...

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Bishops from Nigeria and South Sudan assist church life in South Africa

Sep 25, 2019 by

Visiting bishops from Nigeria and South Sudan assisted a congregation of the Southern Mission Society South Africa by ordaining a woman as a permanent deacon for ministry in Trinity Anglican Church in Franschhoek South Africa on Sunday 22 September. Judith Moody had ministered in the congregation, especially among the elderly and housebound for a number of years. She is a widow with grown up grandchildren. In his sermon preaching on the ministry of Anna the prophetess at the presentation of...

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Sticks and stones . . .

Sep 8, 2019 by

The Abuse of Language and the Language of Abuse by Andrew Kirk; Grosvenor House Publications 2019, 209p. £6.39 and e-book £4.00  WOULD that all the house of bishops and their press officers might read and discuss Andrew Kirk’s discussion of the current use of words in public debate. With chapters on tolerance, equality, freedom, rights, liberal (ism), fundamentalism and homo (and other) phobias, he argues that these words (and their opposites) are bandied about in current debate purely as...

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12,000 at EFAC NIGERIA Convention address Perilous Times

Aug 28, 2019 by

from EFAC: The Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion was founded in 1961 with the conviction that a strong biblical witness is essential for the life and health of the Anglican Communion, within the wider context of seeking first God’s kingdom and building up His people. Motivated by the same conviction some Anglican Church leaders in Nigeria became interested in EFAC programmes abroad, including the scholarship scheme. In 1978, at a Congress on World Evangelization held at Ife in...

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Allied Democratic Forces attack Boga, DR Congo

Aug 24, 2019 by

by Alison Barfoot, Gafcon Press Release: Bishop William Bahemuka, the Anglican Bishop of the Diocese of Boga (DR Congo) has reported that ADF rebels attacked Boga town in the early morning hours of Friday, 23rd August. Boga is located in the southern part of Ituri Province and is where the diocesan Cathedral is located. More than 200 youth, children, and women were abducted, shops were looted, cows stolen, and the Anglican Mission Hospital was looted. A doctor and lab technician from the...

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