Beware the Oppressive ‘Rainbow Wooden Horse’.

Sep 12, 2017 by

by Gavin Ashenden:

Australia is going to vote on same sex marriage shortly. The island of Jersey has already decided to go ahead with the project, but has just got stuck on a question it hadn’t given any thought to before the vote?

‘Who is the real parent of a surrogate child procured to embellish a same sex marriage’?

The trick of using a wooden horse to capture the city of Troy may have happened 3,000 years ago, but the strategy of using ‘a wooden horse’ to persuade a group of people to accept something that appears friendly but which will instead cause them harm, has been copied ever since.

Who can be against two people being in love and living safely together for the rest of their lives? Who can be against the lovely idea of ‘marriage equality’-two such beautiful words. The trouble is, other more dangerous things lurk inside the rainbow wooden horse.

Let’s look and see what they turned out to be – what we have welcomed into the city smuggled inside?

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