U.S. President Joe Biden’s choice for ambassador to Switzerland is Scott Miller, a leading figure at the LGBT advocacy patron The Gill Foundation. The foundation has funded groups that have split Christian denominations and threatened religious freedom in the U.S. Miller’s same-sex partner is Tim Gill, a vocal LGBT activist and strategist who after the 2016 election claimed his movement was headed into conservative states to “punish the wicked.”

Miller is a former finance executive and co-chairs the board of directors of the Colorado-based Gill Foundation with Gill.

Among the critics of the foundation’s work is John Lomperis, United Methodist Director at the Institute on Religion and Democracy. Lomperis told CNA Aug. 13 that the Gill Foundation “has gone beyond just supporting Democratic sides of traditional Democratic-Republican political divides or even pushing civil redefinition of marriage.”

“The foundation has shown an extremist hostility to basic freedom-of-conscience protections for those who do not morally approve of same-sex unions. This is fundamentally totalitarian and anti-American,” Lomperis charged. “The Gill Foundation’s opposition to religious liberty and freedom-of-conscience protections represent the extreme opposite of America’s greatest traditions and highest ideals of freedom and tolerance, no matter how many misleading slogans they may hide behind.”