Big Brother Trudeau’s war on free thinking

Mar 1, 2018 by

by Dr Campbell Campbell-Jack, The Conservative Woman:

Scratch a progressive and you’ll find a totalitarian. The mask always drops.

Within the progressive psyche runs a strong streak of intolerance. They are utterly convinced that they know best, and if the rest of us remain obdurate they think we should be forced into conformity.

In Canada, under the leadership of the progressive poster boy Justin Trudeau, we find the emergence of typical progressive aberrant behaviour patterns. The latest authoritarian edict to emerge from Prime Minister Trudeau’s post-modern compassion is a ploy forcing charities into public compliance with progressive ideology.

The federal government-funded Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) programme makes it financially attractive for non-profits and small businesses (50 or fewer employees) to hire full-time students between 15-30 years of age during the long vacation. Many churches, charities and Christian organisations have participated in this mutually beneficial programme.

A normal person would think that agreeing or disagreeing with abortion, or with a man’s ‘right’ to self-identify as a woman, or any other progressive shibboleth, has little or nothing to do with the purpose of CSJ, or with helping the destitute.

This year, however, for a charity to receive funding through the CSJ programme, it must attest its agreement with Canada’s new state religion of progressivism, including support for full-term abortion, transgenderism, the redefinition of marriage and LGBTQ ideology.

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