Bishop Michael, a voice in the wilderness

Jun 13, 2021 by

by Peter Mullen, The Conservative Woman:

Jesus said, Go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost .

Michael Nazir Ali, former Bishop of Rochester, has criticised the church for its reluctance to preach the Gospel to people of other faiths. As you would expect, there has been an outcry from the so-called liberals expressing their strongest disapproval of a bishop for suggesting that we should follow Christ’s command to preach the Gospel to all nations. What, take the word of the Lord seriously? Not likely: this is the new and enlightened Church of England. The Bible is out of date, Our Lord was only a man of his time and so on . . .

The go-ahead Bishop for Urban Life and Faith (how long before we have a Bishop for Clubbing, Glue-sniffing and Fornication . . . perhaps there is one already?) says that Bishop Michael’s approach ‘shows no sensitivity to the need for good interfaith relations. Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs are learning to respect one another’s paths to God and to live in harmony. The demand for the evangelisation of people of other faiths contributes nothing to our communities.’

So much for baptising all nations in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. You got it badly wrong there, Jesus. Notice what this Bishop for Urban Life – and so many like him on the bench of bishops – really is: he is not a Christian evangelist carrying out the command of Christ; he is a secularist who thinks contemporary sociological definitions of communities far more important. But it is the idea of communities – multiculturalism – which has produced so much of the unease and tension in Britain today.

By their secular dogma, the communities-mongers and multiculturalists are tacitly promoting cultural and religious segregation in Britain. These were the same people who, when they saw this practised in South Africa, condemned it as Apartheid. Now even Sir Trevor Phillips, former head of the Commission for Racial Equality, says that multiculturalism was a mistake. To have large minorities in a nation who refuse to integrate into the life and culture of the nation produces racial ghettoes and the breakdown of the social order.

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