Boko Haram sweeps south in Nigeria: kidnapping on the rise.

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Boko Haram sweeps south in Nigeria: kidnapping on the rise.

Bishop Zakke Lalle of Kano in North Nigeria reports that a Mr Innocent, a friend of their diocesan architect was travelling with a car full of people from the capital Abuja to an appointment in the east of Nigeria when they were forced into the bush and abducted. Mr Innocent’s car which was left by the roadside and towed by the police to the police station. Bishop Zakke has appealed for a chain of prayer for the release of those kidnapped.

On Thursday Boko Haram fighters were reported to have arrived en mass in North Central and Southern Nigeria especially around Lagos, Llorin and Rivers State. Churches were advised to take urgent security measures.  Military patrol teams were posted at strategic points.  A United Nations office source warned that a major bomb blast was being planned.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency put out fifteen points to warn Nigerians to take care of in the light of the rise in kidnapping including never wearing their work i/d outside their work place, never jogging after dark or sharing pictures of their children in school uniforms.

Church of England Newspaper . February 14 2020

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