Britain’s first gender-fluid family prepare for total transformation

Sep 10, 2018 by

By Jacqui Deevoy and Bryony Jewell For Mailonline:

Father Louise is set to become a woman and mother Nikki will become a man called Charlie.

Britain’s first gender-fluid family are preparing for total transformation as both parents are set to have gender reassignment operations.

Louise and Nikki Draven, who are parents to five-year-old Star Cloud, are planning to undergo the surgery and be in their ‘ideal bodies’ by the time their son is ten.

Biological father Louise, 32 – who Star already calls mummy  – is to become a woman and said the change has been ‘a long time coming.’

Star’s biological mother Nikki is set to undergo a female-to-male procedure and will be called Charlie.

The couple from Middlesborough – whose son is free to play with any toys he likes and paint his nails at home – said they worry ‘like all parents do.’

They said: ‘If we waited until Star was older, he’d spend his childhood with parents who felt incomplete.’

Star is being raised as gender neutral – with his parents focusing on raising a ‘person’ not a ‘boy’ – is said to have a ‘five-year-old’s understanding’ of the families situation.

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