Can GAFCON and the GSFA mend fences?

Mar 25, 2023 by

By Paul Eddy, Anglican Ink.

Can the Anglican Communion reform? If so, when will it happen? The Rev. Paul Eddy, the communications advisor for the Global South Fellowship of Anglican primates at Lambeth 2022 sees a rapproachment amongst conservatives in opposition to Justin Welby – but not immediately. He writes:

Before the General Synod vote on gay blessings last month, from my detailed work with the Global South, without breaching client confidentiality, I would have said we were two years away from detailed plans to reset the Anglican Communion, and invite all sorts of extra members into a new movement.

Anyone who has worked closely with Anglican Communion primates, or been on ACC like Andrew Goddard, knows that these Primates are often leading Churches in countries of famine, civil war, terrorism – and the liberal cultural conformity of a small province like the CofE is simply not on their agenda – other than to condemn the gay blessing vote.

The umbrella groups of the Global South (GAFCON and GSFA) have similarities, but also major differences – including personalities and leadership styles, and these Primates rarely get together.

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