The Anglican Consultative Council: Adding Dysfunction To The Broken Instruments Of Communion

Apr 10, 2019 by

by Phil Ashey, American Anglican Council. […] As I have written recently regarding the Strategic Plan for the Anglican Communion, published by the Anglican Communion Office, such funding from the West continues to drive and shape the agenda of all of the Instruments, including the Anglican Consultative Council. What Really Happened at ACC-15? also helps us understand the train wreck that happened four years later at ACC-16 (2016) in Lusaka, Zambia. At the January, 2016 meeting of the Primates...

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A Western cultural criticism of third world churches

Apr 5, 2019 by

Church of England Newspaper editorial. The Lambeth Conference, scheduled to meet next year, has been given a sharp introduction by Jeremy Pemberton, the first Anglican cleric to reject his Church’s stance on marriage and enter into conjugal union with another man. He has fired a broadside at the Third World Churches in the Anglican Communion who preserve the traditional biblical teaching on sexual intercourse in the order of creation. These Churches will boycott the conference, he says,...

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Anglican Unscripted 497 – Feelings are not Facts

Mar 26, 2019 by

What are we willing to compromise to spread the Gospel? Kevin, George and Gavin discuss. 

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Church of England must make progress on LGBT+ rights

Mar 4, 2019 by

by Jeremy Pemberton, Thomas Reuters Foundation: This has been a strange few weeks in which to be LGBT+ and a member of the Church of England. The bishops of the church have commissioned a process called “Living in Love and Faith”. This will, according to its website, produce “resources that will help bishops” lead others in thinking about “what it means to be holy in a society in which understandings and practices of gender, sexuality and marriage continue to change”. It is a slow process...

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Preparations for Lambeth 2020

Feb 16, 2019 by

Selected recent articles, most recent at the bottom: Warning from Gafcon Chairman, from the Gafcon website: “…the Lambeth Conference of 2020 will itself be an obstacle to the gospel by embracing teaching and a pattern of life which are profoundly at odds with the biblical witness and the apostolic Christianity through the ages.” Lambeth Conference is advertised as a celebration of diversity Lambeth 2020: what is the future of the Anglican Communion? by Andrew Goddard,...

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Archbishop calls on Bishops to “express your difference”

Feb 10, 2019 by

by David Virtue, VOL: Fisking Thabo Makgoba: The archbishop of Cape Town, Thabo Makgoba in conjunction with Archbishop Justin Welby says that he wants all the bishops in the Anglican Communion to attend Lambeth in 2020 and has issued a heartfelt call to all primates and their bishops. MAKGOBA: I know people talk about the fabric of the communion as torn, but we are all fallible human beings in need of God’s love and grace, and we need each other. VOL: The Anglican Communion has been...

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