Canada falls out of love with gender-obsessed Justin

Apr 12, 2018 by

By Dr Campbell Campbell-Jack, TCW:

Canada’s Liberals are sinking in the polls. This is mainly due to discontent with their leader, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. At the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017, the Liberals were averaging a lead of 20 per cent over the Conservatives. Today, when all polls are averaged out, they are 4 or 5 per cent behind.

The Liberal Party of Canada has invested heavily in the persona of its photogenic leader. The good looks, the easy charm which comes from a privileged background, and instant name recognition made him seem the ideal candidate for a social media world. However, a combination of over-exposure and poor decision-making since the election have caused many Canadians to see him as a silly pretty boy rather than a serious politician.

Trudeau has never hidden his ideological stance and intention to pursue society-altering policies, and at first Canadians approved of this by a wide margin. Entering the 2015 election with 36 seats, the Liberals won 184, while the Conservatives went from 159 seats down to 99. After less than three years, Canadians are beginning to wake up.

Increasingly they are seeing behind the façade and beginning to recognise that instead of electing a national leader, in Trudeau they elected a national embarrassment. Their prime minister is the living embodiment of the Peter Principle which states that managers rise to their level of incompetence.

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