Cancelling Calvin Robinson: the American Anglican crisis as feminism takes truth & integrity hostage

Jan 25, 2024 by

by Dr Gavin Ashenden:

At the ACNA Conference Mere Anglicanism, held in Charleston South Carolina, Calvin Robinson was invited to talk on critical theory; and then disinvited him from the panel when he traced the influence of feminism and womens’ ordination. No action could have proved the point he was making more than this response. In furious discomfort the organisers were pressured by the devotees to feminist interests to silence him. The fig leaf of two integrities (an oxymoron if integrity means what it does), the totem of relativism, proved illusory. As a critic observed, ;denominational drift is an accumulation of small choices like this, gradually tilting the balance of power so that conservatives no longer have a hand on the wheel.” ACNA have tried to pursue orthodox Anglicanism having made themselves hostage to the most effective and corrosive progressive engine of secular political philosophy there is; and the veil was suddenly ripped away in the ‘cancelling of Calvin.’. Ashenden Scripted reflects on the implications why this happened and what happened.

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