Canterbury 2017 Primates’ Meeting

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Primates’ Meeting 2017: new video released, ACNS

Gafcon Chairman’s October 2017 letter

Albion leaders walking a tightrope, by Andrew Symes, CEN

Ferrying the Primates across the rubicon: Lambeth Resolution I:10 and the 2017 Primates’ Meeting, by Stephen Noll, Gafcon

Primates, Pushback and Preaching the Gospel by Canon Phil Ashey, AAC

Excruciating – Primates’ Meeting Press Conference

Thoughts on the Primates Meeting from Archbishop Gregory Venables

Myths, misinformation or parallel realities? the thinking behind the Primates’ Communiqué, by Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream

Conservative Anglican leader breaks ranks: ‘We are not walking together’, by Harry Farley, Christian Today

Anglican divide: GAFCON accuses Justin Welby of attributing blame to the wrong people, by Eno Adeogun, Premier

Archbishop Greg Venables speaks to Anglican Unscripted; offers pointed comments about Gafcon, the disunity among the orthodox in England, and the failures of leadership and discipline in the Anglican Communion.

In this mailing, Gafcon have put together a helpful collection of insights from Archbishop Venables about the failure of the Anglican Communion leadership to confront major divisions over theology and ethics

Anglican primates’ meeting abandons the Scottish faithful, by David Ould, Anglican Ink

Primates’ Meeting ends with call to avoid narrow-mindedness and focus on ‘total gospel’, by Madeleine Davies, Church Times [Anglican Mainstream editor’s comment: If the Primates’ statement says that the church needs to abandon biblical theology and ethics in order to focus better on helping the poor, this is in fact a disastrous betrayal of the poor].

Premier reports: “Anglican Communion calls for repentance over divisive ‘missionary’ bishops”, [but curiously does not report the absence of any call for repentance to those Provinces which have introduced the divisive innovation of same sex marriage. Or ask how a church which has been declared outside the Anglican Communion (ACNA) can be guilty of ‘cross-border intervention’ into other Anglican provinces? – Ed.]

Similarly, here: Primates hit out at conservative plot for rival Anglican church, by Harry Farley, Christian Today

And more whitewash here: Anglican Primates leave Canterbury “refreshed and renewed” after “best” Primates’ meeting, from ACNS

Are you surprised, really? Canon Phil Ashey of AAC asks some hard questions about the Primates’ statement.

Response from Bishop Andy Lines to the Primates’ Communiqué, Gafcon UK

Primates’ Communiqué here

Can two walk together unless they are agreed? Gafcon’s Initial Response to the Primates’ Meeting 2017 Communique.

Anglican Communion News Service smears GAFCON and manipulates Archbishop of Canterbury, by Archbishop Cranmer

“We are not walking together”: Gafcon comment

Canterbury meeting: Walkout climbdown as Anglican primates hold together, by Harry Farley, Christian Today

Primates should be honest about divisions, say Gafcon, from Church of England Newspaper

Primates meet in a spirit of ‘extraordinary’ warmth in Canterbury, Church Times

Pocket biographies of Primates

The Primates’ Meeting 2017: in-depth coverage, ACNS

Primates’ meeting opens in Canterbury by George Conger, Anglican Ink

Archbishop of Canterbury says he cannot give a straight answer to the question of whether gay sex is a sin, by Christian Today reporter [GQ interview with the Archbishop published on eve of Canterbury conference]

Head of Scottish Anglicans to confront fellow primates over gay marriage vote, Guardian

Preparing for Primates 2017 – Abp Thabo Makgoba, ACNS

Justin Welby accused of briefing against Scottish Episcopal Church, The Times

Anglican bishops prep for tough talks on same-sex marriage by Catherine Pepinster, RNS

The meeting of the Anglican Primates October 2017, from Scottish Anglican Network (a call on the Scottish Episcopal Church to repent in order to enjoy renewed fellowship with Christ).

First Anglican same-sex marriage in UK takes place in Scotland, from Christian Today [A spokesman for Gafcon told Christian Today: “Mr Alistair Dinnie made his position on same-sex marriage well known prior to attending ACC-16 in Lusaka, Zambia, and is one of the revisionists whom The Episcopal Church voted onto the Standing Committee”.]

Anglican bishops prep for tough talks on same-sex marriage by Catherine Pepinster, ANS

Anglican leaders head to the Communion’s “Mother Church” for 2017 Primates’ Meeting, ACNS

Scottish Anglicans must face harsher punishment for allowing gay marriage, say conservatives by Harry Farley, Christian Today

Scottish Anglican church faces sanctions over vote to allow same-sex marriage, Guardian

Faithfulness to Christ against the odds: the Anglican Communion and the global sexual revolution by Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream

Open Letter to Primates, Thinking Anglicans

Some Reflections on the Global South Primates Meeting by Canon Phil Ashey, AAC

Is Gafcon ‘divisive’? by Peter Jensen, Gafcon

Primates’ meeting: Tensions build as GAFCON hits back at ‘inaccurate and misleading’ Archbishop’s statement by Harry Farley, Christian Today

Archbishop Justin excited by prospect of “extraordinary” Primates’ Meeting, ACNS

A reflection on Primates and meetings by Abp Stanley Ntagali, Gafcon

Archbishop Nicholas Okoh sets out his reasons for not attending

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