Canterbury Cathedral To Host Service For Freemasons After Receiving £300,000 Donation

Feb 9, 2017 by

by James Macintyre, Christian Today:

Canterbury Cathedral is hosting a service to “celebrate” 300 years of Freemasonry after receiving a donation from the Masons of £300,000.

The Duke of Kent, who is the Grand Master of the Freemasons, will be among those attending the special service of thanksgiving on 18 February.

The service next Saturday lunch time will last more than three hours during which the Cathedral is expected to be full of Freemasons.

The service comes after freemasons in Kent, Sussex and Surrey sought to raise £200,000 for the Cathedral in an appeal which ended on 31 December.

In fact, the appeal, in aid of the restoration of the North-West Transept in the Cathedral, raised £300,000.

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[Among the comments on the Virtue piece:

“Your comments show a complete lack of understanding of how Cathedral Churches are governed. The Dean of the cathedral is in charge of worship, NOT the bishop (or even archbishop), and the decision is entirely in thehands of the Dean and Chapter. This even has nothing to do with any decision of the Archbishop.”

“Is that so? Well, in that case, let’s rename Justin Welby the Archbishop of Lambeth not the Archbishop of Canterbury. Canterbury is no ordinary cathedral. It is the mother church of the worldwide Anglican communion. It houses the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Cathedra (throne)–the seat of his teaching authority. If his teaching authority cannot hold sway over his own cathedral, what on earth is he doing in that office? Technically fudging the issue by claiming that worship is entirely in the hands of Dean and Chapter won’t work.”