Why was this anti-Semitic maniac given a slap on the wrist?

Jun 13, 2024 by

by Georgia L Gilholy, spiked: A knife-wielding man who terrorised a kosher supermarket has been spared jail. The justice system is broken. ‘Are you okay?’ Those were the words a friend texted me on a drizzly day this January. My safety...

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Palestinianism Began with Nazism

Jun 9, 2024 by

by Alan M Dershowitz, Gatestone Institute: Today it is based on antisemitism, sexism, homophobia and denial of human rights. So why Is the left so in love with it? The founder of the Palestinian movement in the run-up to the Second World...

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Keir Starmer is surrendering to Jihad

Jun 8, 2024 by

by Jake Wallis Simons, Telegraph: If this policy was implemented, Britain would sit at odds with the United States. But it would also sit at odds with reality. Recent polls have revealed that a majority of Palestinian respondents, both on...

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‘We’re in emergency mode’: Jews may be about to leave Europe en masse, leading rabbi warns

Jun 4, 2024 by

by Jane Prinsley, Jewish Chronicle: Israel should get ready for mass aliyah if European governments do not address Jew-hate Rabbi Menachem Margolin said. Europe’s Jews are in “emergency mode” and are poised to leave the continent en...

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Fighting back

May 31, 2024 by

by Melanie Phillips: Examples of courage, decency and sanity at a time of madness. At this terrible time for the Jewish people, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer weight of unreason and hatred and to feel that the entire world...

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British Police Officers Injured as Anti-Israel Protests Continue Across Europe

May 30, 2024 by

By Michael Curzon, European Conservative. Three police officers were injured on Tuesday night near the British Parliament during clashes with what have been described as “violent pro-Palestine mobs.” One Metropolitan Police officer has...

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