Why the Labour party can’t deal with its Jew-hatred

Jul 12, 2019 by

by Melanie Phillips: In recent days, plotting within the British Labour Party to get rid of its far-left leader Jeremy Corbyn has moved up a gear as deep concern over the party’s precipitous plunge in the opinion polls has burst into the open. Corbyn is being blamed for the two causes of this meltdown. The first is the party’s ambiguous stance over Brexit, in which it is trying simultaneously to please its working-class Brexit supporters and its metropolitan, educated liberals who want the...

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Germany: Some Hate Speech ‘More Equal than Others’

Jul 2, 2019 by

by Judith Bergman, Gatestone Institute: In June, the “Al Quds Day” march took place in Berlin. Al Quds Day, in the words of the late historian Robert S. Wistrich, is “The holiday proclaimed by Khomeini in 1979 to call for Israel’s annihilation” which “has since been celebrated worldwide…” In Germany, Al Quds Day marches have been taking place in the country’s capital since the 1980s[1], first in Bonn and since 1996 in Berlin. On Al Quds Day...

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The dangerous drive to correlate Islamophobia with anti-Semitism

Jun 28, 2019 by

by Melanie Phillips: Islamophobia, like much Muslim discourse, is based on an appropriation and inversion of Jewish experience and precepts. The Somali-born congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), who has made a number of anti-Semitic remarks, is currently embroiled in controversy over her marriage history. When claims against her of bigamy and immigration fraud first emerged in 2016, Omar accused the journalists involved of “Islamophobia.” Omar has also made a claim being heard more and more:...

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A week of Jew-baiting and Israel-bashing in Londonistan

Jun 22, 2019 by

by Melanie Phillips: Sometimes, a chilling reality is illuminated not so much by what someone says but by the laughter that it provokes. At the Cambridge Union debating society on Sunday, asked why he’d made a point of associating Jews with money, the Malaysian prime minister, Mahathir Mohamad, replied: “I have some Jewish friends, very good friends. They are not like the other Jews, that’s why they are my friends.” At which a great gust of laughter swept across his audience. They thought this...

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Jewish dismay increases after the Peterborough by-election

Jun 7, 2019 by

by Melanie Phillips: The Brexit Party narrowly lost yesterday’s Peterborough by-election by 683 votes. […]  In Peterborough, Labour threw absolutely everything at keeping the seat. The fledgling Brexit Party couldn’t begin to match Labour’s organisation on the ground. Which is probably why it didn’t win. But its failure to break through and thus shatter the credibility problem once and for all is a definite setback. Of scarcely less concern, however, is the Labour candidate Peterborough...

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Germany must confront Muslim anti-Semitism

May 29, 2019 by

by Frank Furedi, spiked: Jews are being told not to wear their skullcaps in public – that is dreadful advice. Despite all the rhetoric about ‘Never Again’, too many people in positions of authority are ready to ignore and even acquiesce to displays of anti-Semitism. This cowardly behaviour was strikingly illustrated recently by Felix Klein, the German government’s anti-Semitism commissioner. Last week, Klein told the media that due to a spike in anti-Semitic crimes, he ‘cannot advise Jews to...

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