The next time a pious liberal castigates the Rwanda deal, remind them of the inconvenient truth about the EU’s hel...

Jun 18, 2022 by

by Rakib Ehsan, Mailonline: […]  Imagine a cell so thick with people there’s hardly anywhere to sit. A cell lit by a fluorescent tube all night. A cell whose only source of natural light is from a small grille in the door. A...

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What is the church’s role in politics?

Apr 29, 2022 by

from The Week: Archbishop of Canterbury doubles down on criticism of the government’s Rwanda plan. The Archbishop of Canterbury has warned that the Church of England is “not a passive observer of migration policy” after Boris...

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How many millions of asylum seekers should the UK welcome?

Apr 27, 2022 by

by Archbishop Cranmer: Building on his Easter sermon which condemned (rather robustly) Priti Patel’s plan to send Channel migrants to Rwanda, the Archbishop of Canterbury has written a comment piece for the Telegraph in which he implores...

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Don’t blame the Church for terrorism

Nov 18, 2021 by

by Giles Fraser, UnHerd: Below its report criticising the Church of England for naively baptising and confirming an Iraqi asylum seeker who wasn’t what he seemed, yesterday’s Daily Telegraph offered us another headline, suggesting a level...

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Asylum – a system crying out to be abused

Sep 12, 2020 by

by Alp Mehmet, The Conservative Woman: THE illegal Channel crossings crisis is a pernicious recipe for unfairness. It is not surprising that nearly three-quarters of the public think the government is handling immigration badly. The...

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Christian convert says he would face death if deported to Iran

Feb 16, 2020 by

from Christian Concern: A Christian asylum seeker who faces the prospect of imprisonment, torture and separation from his English wife and child because of his faith has re-launched his bid for asylum to the Home Office. Reza Karkah has...

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