Pride Month shows: Christians must opt out of mainstream culture in America

Jun 11, 2021 by

by Jonathon Van Maren, LifeSite: Our society conforms itself to revelation, or to revolution. It cannot do both. Nothing highlights the extent to which the Overton Window has shifted away from Judeo-Christian values to those of the sexual revolution like children’s entertainment during “Pride Month.” Those of you who follow the culture updates posted in this space will be aware that the queering of children’s entertainment has been moving at a rapid clip for some time; but in June, things tend...

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Govt asks 6-year-olds to tell them their ‘gender identity’

Jun 8, 2021 by

from Christian Concern: Christian Concern’s Head of Education Steve Beegoo comments on ‘The Big Ask’. In April, the new Children’s Commissioner for England, Dame Rachel Da Souza, launched ‘The Big Ask’ where children were to be encouraged by schools to engage with an online survey of their views. This was a laudable attempt to find out the feelings of children across the nation. However, as part of this process, young children were asked to explain, “A little about you- The following questions...

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Stonewall tries to ban word ‘mother’

Jun 5, 2021 by

by Tom Pyman, Mailonline: Hundreds of organisations wanting to be included on Stonewall’s equality leaderboard should replace the term ‘mother’ with ‘parent who has given birth’, the LGBT charity has said. The controversial group has issued various guidance to employers wanting to make the cut on its Workplace Equality Index, which has attracted more than 500 applications in the last year. A number of government departments, such as the Home Office, the Department...

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UNICEF report says pornography is not always harmful to children

Jun 2, 2021 by

By Alexis Fragosa, LifeSite: A UN agency is again immersed in controversy for a recent report suggesting there is no conclusive evidence that children exposed to pornography are harmed. The report published by the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) addresses how government policy can be used to protect children from harmful, abusive and violent content online.  Its conclusion is based on a European study of 19 EU countries that found in most countries, most children who saw pornographic images were...

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China says parents can now have 3 children, after birth rates plummet with one child policy

Jun 1, 2021 by

by Dorothy Cummings McLean, LifeSite: The new policy might be too little, too late for an aging nation, as the Chinese turn their backs on larger families. The communist rulers of China have told their population that they may now have three children, reversing its long-time one child policy, which only a few years ago became a two children policy. The Communist Party of China, which is synonymous with the Chinese government, made the announcement after census data revealed that the birth rate...

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“A dangerous social and medical experiment”

May 24, 2021 by

from Transgender Trend: This is a guest post from a supply teacher who describes the transgender lesson she was asked to teach to children as a “well-funded, dangerous social and medical experiment” and asks whether people are aware that this has become standard teaching throughout secondary schools in the UK. This teacher’s testimony was originally published as part of a longer post back in 2016 but we thought it was worth revisiting as a stand-alone piece. A well-funded, dangerous social and...

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