How to stop children being indoctrinated

May 18, 2022 by

by Andrew Doyle, UnHerd: During one of the morning assemblies at my convent school, our headmistress, a fearsome nun who beat me with a shoe for accidentally breaking a window, announced that there was to be an amnesty on “Garbage Pail...

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What’s wrong with being straight?

May 17, 2022 by

By Gareth Roberts, UnHerd: Heterosexuality is now deemed déclassé. As a gay man — I know that awful phrase is usually followed by irrelevant twaddle, but please bear with me. As a gay man, I have always found heterosexuality quite...

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‘I questioned why children were being encouraged to transition – and it cost me my dream career’

May 14, 2022 by

by Charlotte Lytton, Telegraph: James Esses had volunteered at Childline for five years but that counted for nothing when he shared concerns over their gender ideology… James Esses turned 30 this week and has been doing a lot of...

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The nuclear family has failed

May 13, 2022 by

By Yoram Hazony, UnHerd: There is nothing conservative about atomisation. When people talk about the structure of the family, they often find themselves arguing for or against the “nuclear family”, which consists, on most tellings, of a...

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Mali nonuplets in perfect health on first birthday – father

May 10, 2022 by

from BBC News: The world’s only nonuplets – nine babies born at the same time – are “in perfect health” as they celebrate their first birthday, their father has told the BBC. “They’re all crawling...

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‘Lockdown established a new caste system’

May 9, 2022 by

from spiked: Jay Bhattacharya on the devastating consequences of lockdown for the world’s poorest. The Covid lockdowns of the past two years have left a trail of devastation in their wake. When the virus first hit, governments across the...

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