The New McCarthyism and God

Feb 22, 2021 by

By F. LaGard Smith, Christian Post: McCarthyism is back…with a vengeance. And this time around, Hollywood is as silent as movies before talkies. In fact, liberal Hollywood is complicit in the very same smears and recriminations that tyrannized the industry in the fear-fueled, Cold-War, anti-communist 1950’s. Today, we call such blacklisting the “cancel culture,” dressed up all nice and respectable. Guilt by association — a prominent feature of McCarthyism — is all it takes for someone to lose...

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Too Long at the Culture Wars?

Feb 19, 2021 by

by Austin Ruse, Crisis Magazine: More is the pity that you did not know, but April 6 is National Twinkie Day, a day to celebrate that scrumptious little cake that, left uneaten and alone, will likely last until the end of days. Frankly, I did not know when National Twinkie day was either, but when someone mentioned it on Facebook, my first thought was not the cake itself but rather to the fact that Twinkie is the word used by older homosexuals for teens and other weak men entering the gay...

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Why Christians Are Now The Bad Guys (And What To Do About It)

Feb 10, 2021 by

by Akos Balogh: I became a Christian in year 11 of high school. At the time – the early ‘90s – the typical response from my non-Christian friends was a shrug of the shoulders and a half-sincere ‘good for you’. Sure, I felt some teenage angst about being different. But opposition? Hardly any. After high school, I joined the army. Here I experienced a little more pressure for my faith. My Christian views on sex were often mocked, and became fodder for endless jokes and banter. But the banter was...

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How dare these hypocrites ‘culturally appropriate’ Christianity?

Feb 2, 2021 by

By Dr Kevin Donnelly, The Conservative Woman: CONSIDERED a grievous crime by woke activists, ‘cultural appropriation’ involves copying, borrowing and in some cases exploiting things from a culture that is not your own. White, heterosexual, privileged men and women are targeted on the basis that they are the products of a capitalist society riven with structural sexism, racism and heteronormativity. Peter Sellers playing an accident-prone Indian in the film The Party, Laurence Olivier as...

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Is Joe Biden woke? Boris Johnson says there’s ‘nothing wrong’ if he is

Jan 21, 2021 by

by Sam Coates, Sky News: Is Joe Biden woke? Needless to say there are many more weighty questions flowing from the inauguration of a new mainstream liberal internationalist US president. But as is clear from the slew of easily-available punditry, it’s too early to answer almost any of them. So this is a good place to start as any. I posed to Boris Johnson the question of Mr Biden’s wokery on Wednesday afternoon as the inauguration was still going on, but only after he’d been...

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Difficult histories: Christian memory and historic injustice

Jan 8, 2021 by

by John Coffey, Jubilee Centre: Summary Recent years have witnessed heated debate over how Western nations remember their pasts. A generation of historical research on racial slavery and imperial expansion is now informing public memory. The turn to ‘difficult histories’ has provoked a reaction and calls for the reassertion of ‘patriotic history’. This paper surveys the controversy and asks how Christians should respond. It argues that Christian memory should be shaped by the difficult history...

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