Picture: Britt Erlanson/Getty Liberal gerontocracy and its discontents

Apr 11, 2024 by

by Krzysztof Tyszka-Drozdowski, Artillery Row: Fewer young people supporting more old people has become an unsustainable situation. Famously, older people tend to be more interested in politics than the young and turn out to vote in...

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Arresting the fertility crisis

Mar 31, 2024 by

by Miriam Cates, Artillery Row: This week a study in the Lancet revealed that the UK now has a Total Fertility Rate of just 1.49 children per woman. Total Fertility Rate is the average number of babies that each woman has given birth to...

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We’re desperately short of babies.

Mar 25, 2024 by

by Robert Colville, The Times: The saddest thing is many families can’t afford to have them. In the Japanese village of Ichinono, just north of Osaka, there is a little boy called Kuranosuke. Kuranosuke is a very special child. He goes...

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The invisible pandemic: unplanned childlessness

Mar 5, 2024 by

by Louis T March, Mercator: First off, it’s that time of year: 2023 population data are pouring in. A surfeit of statistics surfaces somewhere every week. Nirvana for demography nerds! Parsing numbers is boring, but some startling stats...

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The South Korean conundrum: an ageing society desperate for babies

Feb 19, 2024 by

by Louis T March, Mercator: South Korea is the global birth dearth poster child. A demographic basket case. Every year it claims the record for the world’s lowest fertility rate, now 0.78. Statistics Korea projects a rate of 0.65 by 2025....

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How to get Brits to have more babies

Feb 8, 2024 by

by Madeleine Artmstrong, CapX: The fertility rate in Britain will continue to decline over the next twenty years, according to the latest projections by the Office for National Statistics. In 2022, births in the UK reached their lowest...

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