The Anglican-Methodist Proposals

Jul 2, 2019 by

from Forward in Faith: Forward in Faith welcomes the statement by Anglican Catholic Future about the latest Anglican-Methodist report. In our own February 2018 statement, we noted questions about whether the proposals would lead to unity, and whether the office of ‘President-bishop’ (to be held for one year only) could be recognized as a ‘local adaption’ of the historic episcopate of the catholic Church. We are grateful to note some progress with regard to the question of unity, but our...

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On misunderstanding Paul – a response to Marcus Greene

Jun 22, 2019 by

by Martin Davie: The basic claim made in Greene’s paper In the latest addition to the ViaMedia.News series ‘Does the Bible Really Say,’  Marcus Greene addresses the question ‘Does the Bible Really Say…that St Paul ‘Hates Gays’?’[1] At the start of his paper Greene answers this question by declaring unequivocally: ‘St Paul doesn’t ‘hate gays’. Short of Jesus, he’s our best friend in the whole of the Scriptures.’ In order to justify this claim he looks first of all at Romans 1:18-32 and I...

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Radical New Christian Exclusion

Jun 8, 2019 by

by Stephen Keeble: [Editor’s note: A church in north London which had been offered alternative episcopal provision under the Women Bishops’ legislation, were concerned that the delegated Bishop was divorced and remarried, and had been one of the signatories to the Pilling Report. Their request for a more orthodox alternative was denied.] The agenda for the July General Synod includes the continuation of the ‘Living in Love and Faith’ programme. Last October, in the face of concerns...

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Jesus’s flock believe in miracles

May 12, 2019 by

by Julian Mann, The Conservative Woman: IN 1984 a network called Sea of Faith was launched in the Church of England. It started in response to a book and then a TV series by a Cambridge academic clergyman called Don Cupitt. The followers of Don Cupitt in the Sea of Faith network wanted to move Christianity away from its traditional belief in miraculous events, such as the Virgin Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ and his bodily resurrection, and indeed the various miracles the New Testament...

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Disagreement and Faithfulness

May 1, 2019 by

by Susie Leafe, AAC: Disagreement is never enjoyable. Yet, I’m struck that it should not come as a surprise.  It seems that disagreement between those who call themselves Christians has been ‘normal’ from the beginning. After all, Jesus challenged the disciples when they argued over who would sit at his right hand, and He prayed that all those who followed them would know the oneness that he experienced with the Father.  Paul challenged the Corinthians (and many others), and James, Peter and...

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The Guardian attacks religious teaching on gender, revealing that society requires complete secularization and opposes all religious truth claims

Apr 19, 2019 by

by Albert Mohler: Then next, we’re going to turn to an even more important article on a similar theme. This one appeared in the Guardian, a liberal newspaper published in London. The author is Beatrice Alba. The headline, “If we reject gender discrimination in every other arena, why do we accept it in religion?” This is a big story that zeroes in on something Christians had better observe very closely. Alba’s point is this. When you are looking at religions and...

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