I’ve Been Fired. If You Value Academic Freedom, That Should Worry You

Mar 8, 2020 by

by Bo Winegard, Quillette: Until a week ago, I was a tenure-track assistant professor at a small college. Then I was fired. And although I am but one professor at one small college in one small town, I want to persuade you that, if you care about free speech and free inquiry in academia, you should be alarmed by my termination. My troubles began in October 2019 when I was invited to address an evolutionary group at the University of Alabama. I had decided that I would discuss human population...

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Transgender teacher training

Mar 6, 2020 by

From The Values Foundation: Mermaids use this in their teacher training. TVF asked DfE senior staff for the scientific basis for this theory. They said there was none but we have to respect those who believe this and allow it to be taught in schools. Even though it is untrue.    

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No faith in education

Jan 25, 2020 by

by Alexander Boot: Those di- words are clashing all over the place. As we know, DIVERSITY is a social virtue than which nothing greater can possibly be conceived. Conversely, DISCRIMINATION and DIVISIVENESS are the gravest of sins because they undermine DIVERSITY. If you accept this premise, then you’ll be ready to overlook the sheer inanity of Rachel Sylvester’s diatribe in The Times. She argues against Boris Johnson’s plan to create state-funded faith schools. The plan isn’t sacrosanct. One...

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Why I have faith in faith schools

Jan 24, 2020 by

by Chris McGovern, The Conservative Woman: THE award-winning Times journalist Rachel Sylvester does not like faith schools. They upset her. They seem to make her quite angry. In particular she would like us to know how thoroughly brassed-off she is about a new wave of voluntary-aided faith schools that are in the pipeline thanks to Theresa May. Currently faith school are, in most cases, allowed to select only half of their intake on religious grounds, but the new ones would select all of their...

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St John’s College to close after 156 years

Dec 8, 2019 by

by Madeleine Davies, Church Times: Theological college in Nottingham ‘no longer financially viable in the long term’. AFTER 156 years, St John’s College, Nottingham, is to close, it was announced this week. The majority of the 28 employees at the former theological college, including tutors, will transfer to new posts in institutions that have agreed to continue the college’s distance-learning and youth-ministry work; but there will be redundancies by the end of next summer. Students have been...

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C4M’s analysis of manifestos: LGBT education

Dec 6, 2019 by

from Coalition for Marriage: This is our latest email highlighting manifesto promises around marriage. Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party have committed to mandatory LGBT-inclusive lessons. The Conservative Government introduced Relationships Education, which all schools will be required to teach from September 2020. There is no right of withdrawal from Relationships Education at any stage (in secondary schools it is part of Relationships and Sex Education). Good things can be...

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