Banned from hosting a Christian event

Sep 23, 2021 by

…because the students don’t like our views. Tim Dieppe, Head of Public Policy at Christian Concern, talks to Colin Brazier, GB News, about the recent event held by the Wilberforce Academy. Watch Here See also: Free-speech defender capitulates in face of Oxford student protest from Christian Concern Please right-click links to open in a new window.  

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The Government’s Free Speech Bill won’t fix universities if viewpoint diversity isn’t addressed too

Sep 22, 2021 by

by Chris Newton, Conservative Home: As universities start a new academic year, the Government’s Higher Education (Free Speech) Bill is going through Parliament. The bill strengthens and protects university freedom of speech and is desperately needed. University “cancel culture” is not just an American phenomenon (and Peter Boghossian’s recent resignation letter to Portland State University indicates it’s still a major problem there). One needn’t go back far to find examples of academics and...

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University clears don of being anti-Islam but then cancels his course anyway after students launched ‘vicious and militant’ campaign

Sep 12, 2021 by

by Jake Ryan, Mail on Sunday: A professor has hit out at cancel culture after his lectures were axed following a ‘vicious, militant’ campaign by students who branded him Islamophobic. University chiefs rejected complaints that human rights expert Steven Greer had expressed ‘bigoted views’ after a five-month investigation – but have still pulled his module from their syllabus. He accused senior academics of ‘capitulating’ to the threats of students who had...

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‘Free speech’ and boiling the frog

Sep 10, 2021 by

by Gavin Ashenden: It is occupational hazard for a writer is to slip and fall right down a metaphorical rabbit hole. My rabbit hole today was the boiling frog. You know the metaphor; the rather silly suggestion that if you set out to boil a frog (who does that anyway?) you would need put it in a pan and heat it up very slowly. This would lure it into a state of false comfort. It would sit quietly enjoying the gradual warming of the water, and end up cooked. It would never have jumped out. But...

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Train conductor sacked for referring to ‘alcohol-free caliphate’ on Facebook

Sep 6, 2021 by

by Archbishop Cranmer: Jeremy Sleath had worked for West Midlands Trains for 17 years. He was a Senior Conductor who had served his employer faithfully and admirably. He was sacked in September 2020, at the end of the national Covid-19 lockdown, for writing on his personal Facebook account: “Thank F*** our pubs open up today. We cannot let our way of life become like some sort of Muslim alcohol-free caliphate just to beat Covid19.” There was a time when one might have sacked for using the...

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Critiquing gender ideology is not violent

Aug 20, 2021 by

from Christian Concern: Andrea Williams was invited to speak to the Italian Senate in June 2021 on how equality law affects freedom of speech and religious belief. She comments on how UK equality laws harm free speech by protecting some characteristics more than others. The United Kingdom is facing a free speech crisis, largely due to misguided equality laws. These laws lead to sex or gender identity being elevated above people’s beliefs or freedom of speech. These laws make trans and gay...

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