Why we need the global Church

Jan 8, 2019 by

By Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream. “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” said Nathanael to Philip. Do we have anything to gain from associating with those like Jesus from an insignificant backwater? Can we learn anything from disadvantaged people like his mother? Nathanael’s perhaps jesting but dismissive question is recorded by John. In Luke’s Gospel, we see that God has answered it even before Jesus appears. According to Mary’s prophetic word, God brings down the...

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The Commonwealth and neo-colonialism

Apr 28, 2018 by

Editor’s note: Were Western colonial imperialists and Christian missionaries responsible for introducing ‘homophobia’ into Commonwealth countries, as critics have recently claimed (see articles below)? No, in fact the opposite. Recently, a new sexual ideology from the West has been aggressively promoted in the global South, through mass media, the internet, UN sponsored campaigns and now the British government. Many Commonwealth countries have recognized and opposed this ,...

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Statement of Full Communion with the ACNA from the Global South Anglican coalition

Dec 14, 2017 by

from Anglican Ink: In 2015, the Global South Primates stated in their communique “We rejoiced to welcome the Anglican Church in North America as a partner province to the Global South, represented by its Archbishop, the Most Reverend Foley Beach.” This decision of the Global South Primates came after more than a decade of successive events, and gave the Anglican Church in North America seat, voice, and vote in Global South. In 2016 the Global South Primates elected the Archbishop of the...

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Why the future face of Christianity is African

Sep 23, 2017 by

by Andrew Boyd, Christian Today: African Christianity is set to become the face of the faith around the world. By 2050, 40 per cent of the world’s Christians will be African, the African Biblical Leadership Initiative (ABLI Forum) was told. The Forum in Cameroon heard a clear call for Africa to strengthen its moral fabric. ABLI was also given a warning: ‘Do not dilute Christ-centred, biblical Christianity. ‘Africa’s time is now,’ said keynote speaker Dr Delanyo...

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Up to 6 primates set to miss meeting with Archbishop of Canterbury

Sep 22, 2017 by

by Marcus Jones, Premier: Justin Welby has confirmed he’s expecting up to six of the most senior Anglican church leaders to reject his invitation to Canterbury next month. The Archbishop of Canterbury is set to host a meeting of the 39 primates from across the world. It’ll be the first meeting of its kind since the January 2016 meeting in which there was said to be much conflict on the issue of sexuality. The Archbishops of Nigeria (pictured below) and Uganda have already confirmed...

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Some Reflections on the Global South Primates Meeting

Sep 16, 2017 by

by Canon Phil Ashey, AAC: Many of you will have read the statement of the Global South Primates Steering Committee from their meeting in Cairo this past weekend. In the swirl of the weekly news cycle, it’s easy to look at this statement as just another murmur from the background of Anglican geopolitics.  I’d like to offer a few thoughts about why their statement should be considered newsworthy. First, let’s remember that the Global South Primates include the Archbishops or principal...

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