Catholic Politician Attacked for Saying Science May Cure Homosexuality

Jun 10, 2019 by

by Jules Gomes, Church Militant: One of Britain’s best-known Catholic politicians has sparked outrage after suggesting science may “produce an answer” to homosexuality. A theater company canceled Ann Widdecombe’s one-woman show and politicians accused her of “poisonous bigotry” and “peddling homophobic nonsense,” with lesbian Conservative MP Justine Greening tweeting, “We don’t need a cure for love.” However, Brexit Party leader...

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The Irishman who claims to help people with ‘unwanted same-sex attractions’

Apr 20, 2019 by

by Fionola Meredith, Irish Times: On the evening of Valentine’s Day in February this year, a group of gay rights activists gathered outside Townsend Street Presbyterian Church in North Belfast, holding banners saying “self-hatred is not therapy” and “love needs no cure”. The activists were there to protest about the Irish premiere of a film to be shown at the church that night. The name of the film is “Once Gay: Matthew and Friends”. Produced and promoted by a Northern Ireland-based Christian...

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When a former homosexual says they have been healed or changed, what do they mean?

Apr 11, 2019 by

By David Kyle Foster, Christian Post: It is a constant mantra of activists, that people who are same-sex attracted are born that way and that there is no hope for change, -i.e., they can never develop opposite-sex attractions or lessen their same-sex feelings. No wonder the suicide rate among homosexuals is 3-5 times the average, even in locations around the world that are the most supportive of such a lifestyle! No hope is being given to the vast numbers of homosexuals who don’t want to be...

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Conversion therapy practitioners could face £5,000 fines under MP’s proposed bill

Mar 20, 2019 by

by Nick Duffy, Pink News: Labour MP Geraint Davies has published a backbench bill that would criminalise conversion therapy and leave practitioners facing a fine of £5,000 per violation. The Labour politician on Tuesday (March 19) published the Counsellors and Psychotherapists (Regulation) and Conversion Therapy Bill, which would make it a criminal offence to attempt to ‘cure’ gay people in England and Wales. Under the proposed law, it would become an offence to attempt to “change a person’s...

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Gay activists don’t really care about child abuse

Mar 14, 2019 by

by Christopher Doyle, Christian Post: Last week, gay activists working with legislators in Utah held a hearing in the House Judiciary Committee to ban so-called “conversion therapy” for minors. It was a bold move to push this bill in such a conservative, religious state. Historically, Republicans have opposed these “Must Stay Gay” bills and Democrats have supported them. Activists knew bi-partisan support was necessary for their bill to stand a chance in Utah. The Church of Jesus Christ of...

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Activists will target churches who counsel LGBT people, therapist warns ‘God’s Voice’ conference

Feb 27, 2019 by

by Michael Gryboski, Christian Post: A psychotherapist has warned a Christian conference opposed to queer ideology that if LGBT activists successfully ban secular counseling for people with unwanted same-sex attraction, they will next go after religious counselors. A conference known as “God’s Voice: A Biblical Response to the Queering of the Church” was held Feb. 22-23 at Fairview Baptist Church of Edmond, Oklahoma. David Pickup, a licensed therapist who is a board member at the National...

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