Aborted Baby Vaccine Backfires

Sep 10, 2020 by

by Jules Gomes, Church Militant: Trials on the Oxford COVID-19 vaccine made from the cell lines of an aborted baby girl have been suspended after serious adverse reaction in a volunteer, pharma giant AstraZeneca announced Tuesday night. The British female patient was rushed to a hospital after she displayed symptoms of transverse myelitis (TM) — a rare condition affecting the spinal cord. AstraZeneca said there would be a “voluntary pause of vaccination across all trials” as part...

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Poly parenting and the value of the family

Sep 4, 2020 by

by Matthew Lee Anderson, MercatorNet: Discussion about in vitro gametogenesis and other multi-parent technologies raises questions about why children do well with only two parents. Our society’s ongoing mainstreaming of “poly” relationships continues apace, if the New York Times is any indication. Two weeks after exploring the difficulties of polyamorous parenting, Debora Spar has penned an op-ed touting new developments in reproductive technologies that promise to dissolve the family as we...

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Making Children, Unmaking Families

Aug 20, 2020 by

By Christopher O. Tollefsen, Public Discourse: Manufacturing children using the genetic material of multiple parents is not a prospect to be celebrated. It is a dystopian technology, making children, as if they were consumer goods, and unmaking the family, as if it were not essential to the common good. The New York Times recently ran an op-ed titled “The Poly-Parent Households are Coming.” It is notable for its celebratory approach to two future prospects: that human children might be created...

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New York Times pushes ‘poly-parent’ children created using next-generation IVF

Aug 19, 2020 by

By Martin Bürger, LifeSite: The New York Times is pushing what essentially amounts to the next level of in vitro fertilization (IVF) in a lengthy op-ed released last week. Technology currently in development could enable any human being, independent of their sex, “to manufacture an egg or sperm cell from a tiny sliver of their own skin” and thus create a new baby. In response to the op-ed, several ethicists and medical doctors have come out against this practice in exclusive statements to...

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The Poly-Parent Households Are Coming

Aug 13, 2020 by

by Debora L Spar, New York Times: Consider the following scenario: Anna and Nicole, 36 and 39 years old, have been close friends since college. They each dated various men throughout their 20s and 30s, and had a smattering of romantic relationships that didn’t quite work out. But now, as they approach midlife, both women have grown weary of the merry-go-round of online dating and of searching for men who might — or might not — make appropriate fathers for the babies they don’t yet have. Both...

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Gender-confused woman sues US Catholic hospital for refusing to remove her healthy uterus

Jul 22, 2020 by

by Paul Smeaton, LifeSite: The lawsuit invokes Bostock v. Clayton County, the Supreme Court’s recent decision writing transgenderism into 1964 civil rights law. A woman suing a Maryland Catholic hospital for refusing to remove her healthy uterus as part of her attempt to “change gender” is appealing to the recent Bostock v. Clayton County Supreme Court ruling that anti-discrimination law should be reinterpreted to cover homosexuality and gender confusion. Thirty-three-year-old Jesse...

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