Do we really have that much in common?

May 1, 2019 by

by Trevor Phillips, Unherd: […]  At the risk of seeming insensitive, I think we need to call a halt to what the French might call the banalisation of her (Jo Cox’s) most well-known message: “We are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us.” It’s just not true. For example, the fact that many Muslims and fundamentalist Christians say they feel British is often cited as evidence that we are all on the same side in today’s culture wars. But it doesn’t...

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How multiculturalism divides us

Dec 5, 2018 by

by Paul Embery, UnHerd: Let’s start with the basics. Anyone who believes in freedom has a duty to defend the right of fellow citizens to live the life they choose within the parameters of the law. That means upholding their entitlement to worship whom and how they wish, dress and eat as they like, assemble with whom they choose, and so on. These freedoms are fundamental to liberty, and a society that imposes restrictions on them will inevitably be less free. But as Britain and other Western...

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A Month of Multiculturalism in Britain: October 2018

Nov 6, 2018 by

by Soeren Kern, Gatestone Institute: There were 140 new cases of female genital mutilation (FGM) in Birmingham between April and June 2018. “There remains a huge problem with professionals viewing forced marriage as a cultural issue rather than a crime. Many aren’t even aware there is a law.” — Jasvinder Sanghera, attacking the government’s failure to tackle the problem of forced marriages. The Ministry of Justice blocked plans for an academic study into why prisoners...

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What is Multiculturalism and Should We Embrace It?

Aug 26, 2018 by

by Joseph Pearce, The Imaginative Conservative: Multiculturalism is a thorny topic. It is also a topic on which any truly rational discussion is very difficult. The problem is that many people equate criticism of multiculturalism with racism. Since nobody wants to be accused of racism (quite rightly), it is easier and safer to avoid talking about anything that might get one accused of it. This is, however, unhelpful in a world in which multiculturalism is often the very cause of much of the...

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A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in Germany: March 2018

Apr 21, 2018 by

by Soeren Kern, Gatestone Institute: March 1. The Spreewald Elementary School in Berlin’s Schöneberg district hired security guards to protect teachers and students from unruly students. Around 99% of the pupils at the school have a migration background. “Within the past year, the violence has increased so much that we now had to take this measure,” said headmaster Doris Unzeit. “The violence is widespread and we want to take countermeasures with the security service....

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What’s wrong with multiculturalism?

Mar 2, 2018 by

by Tim Dieppe, Christian Concern: What is ‘multiculturalism’? We need to start by defining our terms. What exactly do we mean by ‘multiculturalism’? There is a significant difference between describing something as ‘multicultural’, and the word ‘multiculturalism’. It’s that suffix ‘-ism’ that turns the adjective ‘multicultural’ into the ideology of ‘multiculturalism’. Think for example of: communism, capitalism, secularism, racism, sexism, nationalism, Marxism, statism, feminism, conservatism,...

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